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Our Mission Statement

To give artists and the wider community in the Mitchell area the opportunity for expression through participation in all forms of art, inspiring all those who engage with the Art Gallery. 

Mission Statement


The Mitchell Art Gallery is located within the former Mitchell Picture Theatre. The original structure built in 1929 was a silent picture theatre, where the locals could watch the latest Hollywood creation, with local musicians providing the music.

On the 21st of August 1941, a fire which started in the projection room spread rapidly and almost completely destroyed the original building. Restoration began almost immediately and in 1942 the theatre re-opened with a gala event. The theatre ran until 1985, when the last movie ran off the reel on 7th December. The projection room which houses a display about the theatre remains very similar to when it was built in 1942, by the O’Sullivan Bros.

In 1995 locals approached the Booringa Shire Council for help in establishing a venue for an art gallery in Mitchell. The council gave their approval and financial support to renovate the old theatre which currently housed the library, into a gallery, the BSC completed renovations in 1999 and the official opening of the Mitchell Art Gallery was in September 2000.


Our Patron

Hanging Flower

Lady Mayoress Natalie Golder

The 'Mitchell on Maranoa Art Gallery' embraces locals and visiting Artists providing a space for personal expression through media in a peaceful, relaxed and welcoming environment. The Gallery showcases their creations, providing insight into their thoughts, feelings and their environments. Each time I visit I am continually amazed and in awe of the talent from folk who live just next door. Creativity and support for each other is a precious asset in the Mitchell community and I am thrilled to be a part of the 'Mitchell on Maranoa Art Gallery'.

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Web Committee

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