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"Texture It" by Donna Pulbrook

‼️Calling Artists‼️


Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery invites you to exhibit in the upcoming "Gunggari Dhandigu" Exhibition 2024. This exhibition is for artists to showcase their connection to Country.



- Entries must be product of an artist of Gunggari descent

- All mediums and levels of experience welcome


🎨Theme: Celebrating Gunggari Country

Artworks submitted must be relevant to the theme, showcasing a connection to Gunggari Country through art.


🗓️Key Dates:

- Official Exhibition Opening: Saturday, 24th February 2024 at 6pm (Mitchell Library)

- Entries Close: Friday, 16th February 2023

- Exhibition Dates: 24th February 2024 - 6th April 2024


📦Submission Details:

- Artists are required to submit their entries by delivering the artworks to the Mitchell Library, 33 Cambridge St, Mitchell, QLD, 4465. Accompanied with an entry form.

- Entry Forms can be collected from the Mitchell Library or found on this page above.


ℹ️For More Information:

Questions and inquiries can be directed to

Feel free to each out for additional details about the exhibition, entry forms, and any other information.


Join us in celebrating Gunggari Country through art!

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Katie Byrne, Katrina Mansfield, Bill & Tracy Dodd.JPG

Exhibition Opening

Saturday, the 13th of April 2024 marked the grand opening of not one but THREE individual artists’ exhibitions: “Texture It”, “Outback Animals Wild & Free”, and “Resilience”. The evening was truly a captivating celebration of artistic journeys and honouring the limitless realms of creativity.

Donna Pulbrook’s “Texture It” showcased pastel, and Watercolour works, inviting guest to explore rich textures and vibrant hues. Bill Dodd’s “Outback Animals Wild & Free” captured the spirit of Australian wildlife, whilst Katie Byrne’s “Resilience” displayed fluid paintings that ignited attendees’ imaginations.


With over 40 attendees, the event was a success, complemented by a delightful spread of gourmet treats. President of the Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery and acting MC for the night, John Ford, guided guests through the opening ceremony, followed by a beautiful Welcome to Country by Sonya Martin.

The highlight of the evening was hearing from the artists themselves, delivering heartfelt insights into their creative journeys and expressing gratitude for the continuous support from loved ones.

Mayor Taylor concluded the proceedings by officially opening the exhibitions, marking a significant milestone for the artists.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event, as well as those whose behind-the-scenes efforts contributed to a successful event. Special appreciation to Jack at Mitchell FoodWorks and ALT.Skills for donating food for our attendees to enjoy.

Artist Katie Bryne, Katrina Mansfield, Artist Bill Dodd and Tracy Dodd

'Texture It' by Donna Pulbrook

Visitors stepped into a world of texture and let their senses explode in the captivating "Texture It" exhibition by local emerging artist, Donna Pulbrook. This remarkable exhibition highlighted Donna's boundless artistry as she masterfully blended pastels and watercolors to create pieces rich in tactile depth and vibrant hues.

Each work in the exhibition offered a unique sensory journey, inviting attendees to feel the depth and richness of each brushstroke and color blend. The gallery space was transformed into a visual and tactile wonderland, where visitors could immerse themselves fully in the experience.

What made the "Texture It" exhibition truly unique was the absence of titles for Donna's mesmerizing pieces. This creative choice encouraged viewers to engage more deeply with the art, allowing their imaginations to take flight and form personal connections with each work. Attendees became storytellers, interpreting the untitled pieces in their own ways and creating a deeply personal experience.

Donna Pulbrook's "Texture It" exhibition was more than just a display of art; it was an interactive journey that left a lasting impression on all who attended. It offered an unforgettable exploration into the world of texture and creativity, showcasing the profound impact that Donna's innovative approach can have on our senses and imagination.

Artist Statement

My artistic journey started the moment I first put a colouring pencil in my hand. The mediums I mostly work with are pastels and watercolours, offering me a versatile range to express my creativity. I create whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment, with each piece serving as a reflection of my current emotional state.


Passion serves as my primary muse and driving force behind my creations and the essence of this exhibition. The relationship between my art and the message I aim to convey is deeply intertwined with my emotional fluctuations. For me, art is a tranquil haven, a sanctuary for inner peace.


My creative process involves breaking down images I wish to portray into individual squares, meticulously working through each section to bring the picture to life. This exhibition explores the interplay of texture and the exploration of various mediums in my work.


None of the pieces are titled deliberately; I encourage viewers to engage with the art and interpret it in their own unique way. Each artwork holds the potential to speak to individuals differently.

Artist's Work


In this stunning pastel and watercolour artwork, a rustic ship gracefully rests in shallow waters; it’s weathered exterior whispering tales of past journeys. As the hues of sunset dance across the sky in shades of fiery oranges, blues, and greens blending seamlessly - the ship stands as a testament to the passage of time and the beauty of decay. The ship itself, a harmonious blend of brown and cream hues, exudes a rusty aesthetic, inviting viewers to feel the texture of the wooden boards. Whilst the gentle movement of the water imbues the scene with life, as the ship becomes one with its serene surroundings. 

Artist Donna Pulbrook

'Outback Animals Wild & Free'

Bill Dodd's solo exhibition, "Outback Animals – Wild & Free," was a captivating journey through the heart of the Australian Outback. Visitors embarked on a wild adventure, experiencing the mesmerizing landscapes and diverse wildlife of Australia as depicted through Bill’s vibrant artwork.

The exhibition showcased a stunning collection of pieces, each brought to life with vibrant colors and intricate details. Highlights included the 'Proud Standing Emu' and 'Gonna’s on the Hunt', each capturing the essence of outback animals in their natural habitats. Bill Dodd’s work truly embodied the spirit of Australian wildlife, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

"Outback Animals – Wild & Free" not only highlighted the beauty of the Australian outback but also inspired visitors with Bill Dodd's artistic journey. The exhibition was a testament to his talent and dedication, making it an unforgettable experience for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


Artist Statement

Due to a diving accident, on the 24th of September 1983 I lost the movement and feeling from the chest down. This included my arms and fingers. My beloved horse was replaced by a Wheelchair. During this time, I managed to draw when someone put a piece of paper on a clip board on a pillow in front of me and placed a fine tipped pen in my mouth. Where my teeth, tongue and cheek muscles are used to maneuver the pen. Through patience and not trying to do the impossible I slowly managed to draw animals that run free in the outback. I think these pictures are an example of my enthusiasm and inspiration to school kids and grown-ups.

Being a proud Gunggari man I have a strong connection to the land. Landscapes and the unique Australian animals have inspired this exhibition. People can expect to see the use of vibrant colours that I have used to bring my artwork to life. Using my own life journey I hope to inspire young people to never give up and follow their dreams.

One of my most memorable achievements has been the publication of my book titled "Broken Dreams," along with engaging in public speaking about my accident and visiting schools to inspire children.

I would like to express my gratitude to Tracy and our Family for always believing in me.

Mum and Dad for the discipline they instilled in me.

Artist's Work

Bill Dodd's Artwork (7).JPG

Titled ‘School of Fish’ by Bill Dodd, drawn meticulously using an artline fine point pen in his mouth, depicts the graceful movement of a group of fish, elegantly swimming in harmony. Although this piece was sold on opening night, this mesmerizing piece is just a glimpse of the wonders awaiting you at Bill’s Exhibition ‘Outback Animals Wild & Free’.

"School of Fish" by Bill Dodd

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