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Art for Art's Sake Exhibition 

Art for Art's Sake is an exhibition for artists who identify as having a disability or a mental illness and gives them the opportunity to display and sell their artworks. Visual Arts and Culture Arts are a way that people with a disability can participate in their community, relate to others and to express themselves in their own unique way. The arts can give joy, purpose, stimulation and a sense of self and one's place in the community. Many people with a disability struggle with isolation, may experience exclusion and could be misunderstood by the mainstream. 

The mission of Art for Art's Sake is to enable people with disabilities to reach their maximum potential and to experience the positive impact that Art can have on the lives of all people - when art is seen as art for art's sake. 

2023 Exhibition Winners

Best of Show

"Bloody Hot Day" by William Mitchell

'Bloody Hot Day' by William Mitchell.jpg

Image Gallery

"Every bit is an artwork which shows the Artist's way of thinking and their ideas."

Vasanthi Maddhu


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