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Current Exhibition

Kenniff Country Quilters Exhibition

The Kenniff Country Quilters Exhibition opening was on the Saturday, 1st of June 2024 at 9:00am, drawing a high attendance despite the rainy weather. Thank you to everyone who supported and attended the event. Guests were treated to a delightful coffee spread, featuring an array of delicious cakes and biscuits. The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the attendees, who were eager to celebrate the remarkable creativity and dedication of the Kenniff Country Quilters. Thank you to Bec Smith for delivering a lovely speech and officially opening the Exhibition. The exhibition, displayed in the Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery, showcased a stunning collection of quilts. Each piece a testament to the artistry and craftmanship of the quilters, reflecting the stories woven into each stitch.

Congratulations to the Kenniff Country Quilters on another successful exhibition and for sharing your beautiful creations with us. 

The Kenniff Country Quilters Exhibition will be back again next year to showcase their creativity and passion. 

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Quilter's Work


Titled "Heather's Lacy Heart", pieced and quilted by Gay Burey is a vibrant piece featured in the Group Challenge Section, where quilters must incorporate a specific fabric into their design. This year's challenge fabric forms the first border around the intricate heart pattern.

Gay had this pattern by Sandy Berry put aside several years ago because she loved the design. This quilt holds special meaning as it's named after her mother, Heather.

"Heather's Lacy Heart" by Gay Burey 

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