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Upcoming Exhibitions

Yimbaya Maranoa 

Yimbaya Maranoa is a First Nations lead project initiated through Traditional custodians Dr Vicki Saunders, Vernessa Fien and with Jude Taggart Robberts who is a former resident of the Maranoa. The Remapping Mitchell Arts Collective has evolved with the continued dedication, support and development of established artists and creatives. The project grows on the theme of the Maranoa and the collective stories of living and being on the unique country. 

Remapping Mitchell is an ongoing immersive arts Collective that creates and contribute to a continuously growing archive of arts related works, stories, and perspectives currently absent or at least less visible in contemporary and historical accounts of the region. The group of creatives camp on significant places to First Nations Custodians and follow the route that the surveyor Major Thomas Mitchell took in 1846. The Maranoa is a region of cultural, spiritual and environmental significance linked to Booringa ('place of fire' in Gunggari language). The participants to the project use various media to show and celebrate the layers of histories that including new media videos and sound, works on paper and canvas, weaving, textiles and photographs. 

The Remapping Mitchell groups have included events, residencies and workshops delivered in the Maranoa for over 5 years. The collective is an ongoing but changing group of artists, writers, poets, performers, and others with connections to Gunggari country and the Maranoa region. 

The uniqueness of this project is that it brings together Indigenous, local and visiting artists, that share a connection to the Maranoa. The participants meet and create on Country which is imperative to the project's aim. The media used for the exhibition is diverse and experimental within the group. Worldwide this is a very significant and one-of-a-kind project. 

Join Us:

Exhibition Opening 6th November 2023, 6pm at the Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery. 

Free Entry, bar and food available. 

Symposium at QUT

The collective recently presented the project Yimbaya Maranoa at the More-Than-Human-Maker symposium to showcase digital work on various screens at QUT Kelvin Grove Campus during Sustainability week in September 2023.

After the local exhibitions, the group hope to exhibit at a large regional or city gallery space.  

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