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'Yimbaya Maranoa' Exhibition

Yimbaya Maranoa is a First Nations led project initiated through Traditional Custodians Vicki Saunders, Vernessa Fien, and with Jude Taggart Roberts, a former Maranoa resident. The creative three formed a connection through their memories to the Maranoa and Gunggari families in the region whose stories continue to inspire and draw them back to the river. The Remapping Mitchell Arts Collective has evolved through the continued dedication, support and development of established and emerging artists and creatives. The project revolves around the theme of the Maranoa and the collective stories of living on, being on, and listening to this unique country.

Through an ongoing series of immersive gatherings on Country, the collective is producing a living archive of arts related works, stories, and perspectives currently absent or at least less visible in contemporary and historical accounts of the region. Camping residencies are held at the intersection of places of significance to First Nations Custodians, and the route taken by Major Thomas Mitchell’s surveying expedition of 1846. The Maranoa is a region of cultural, spiritual, and environmental significance linked to Booringa ('place of fire' in Gunggari language). Taking a multi-media approach, the collective highlights, celebrates and revises the Maranoa’s layers of history and story, through video, sound, works on paper and canvas, weaving, textiles, sculpture and photographs. The project’s uniqueness lies in is its core values of meeting, creating, sharing and collaborating on Country, and the bringing together of participants from diverse backgrounds to form a one-of-a-kind project.

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Exhibition Opening

Remapping Mitchell Arts Collective 'Collage Wall' (2023), Photo credit: Darcy Foott Photography

The 'Yimbaya Maranoa' Exhibition was a truly enchanting evening. We’re delighted to share that the exhibition opening was an overwhelming success, with an incredible community turnout.

A massive congratulations to Remapping Mitchell Arts Collective for curating this truly amazing exhibition. This incredible collection showcases the artistic brilliance of a talented group of artists who’ve come together to map the essence of the Maranoa and the collective stories of living on, being on, and listening to this unique country.

Thank you to Aunty Lynette Nixon for her beautiful Welcome to Country, setting the tone for the evening. The exhibition received its official opening by Mayor Tyson Golder.

One of the absolute highlights of this exhibition is the mesmerizing Fluro Booth. If you happen to be in the Library, just ask Heather at the front desk. She can provide you with crayons and paper, so you can unleash your inner artist and create something special. Once you’re done, step into the Fluro Booth under the UV blue light, and witness your creation come to life in a magical display.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended and supported this fantastic event. Your presence and enthusiasm added to the magic of the evening.

Don’t forget to visit the Mitchell on Maranoa Gallery, where these beautiful pieces of art will be on display until December 13th, 2023.

Artist's Meet & Greet 

On Saturday the 4th of November, the gallery was buzzing with creativity and connection during the Meet & Greet with the talented artists from the Yimbaya Maranoa Exhibition. The artists were excited to share their stories behind their works, revealing layers of meaning that might not be immediately visible at first glance.

Visitors had the unique opportunity to create their own fluorescent artwork and witness it come to life under the UV light in the magical Fluro booth. Everyone who attended couldn’t help but enjoy the day, one of the true highlights was the mesmerizing Fluro booth. The exciting part was that even if you missed the Meet & Greet, you could still be apart of the magic. The lovely artists of the Remapping Mitchell Arts Collective left crayons and paper at the Mitchell Library front desk for anyone who was interested in creating their drawings and viewing them in the Fluro booth under the UV blue light.

It was an experience nothing short of magical. 

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